Addendum of 2/17/2023: 


The State Bylaws explain who can be a Member; it is specified in Bylaw 5: Membership.  The pertinent part is Section 1.


As of the LPCCC’s 2023 Annual Meeting for election of Officers, my dues were current until 2/28/2023


Bylaw 6: Membership Lists, Section 1, indicates that the California State LP’s Executive Committee provide a copy of the County Central Committee’s membership list on a monthly basis.

There is no part of the State Bylaws that allow a County Central Committee or a County Executive Committee to modify this list.  If the information about a Member changes, the County can notify the State about it, but it is still up to the State to modify the list.


Bylaw 9: County Organizations, Section 2, states that membership in the State Central Committee is the only requirement for membership in a County Central Committee.

It also states that membership in a County Central Committee confers voting privileges for that Member in that County.

With regard to the 2023 Annual Meeting for the Election of Officers, Adrian has failed to notify the entire Membership list for the LPCCC; it appears that he has only notified his “inner circle” of those that have opted-in to his list of ‘active Members’.

As a result, several Members of the LPCCC have been disenfranchised; we were not notified when or where the annual election of Officers was to be held, as is required by the State Bylaws.  Failure to notify us prevents us from exercising our privilege of voting, which is conferred in Bylaws 9, Section 2.  This is an outrageous and unforgivable violation of the State Bylaws.


As a result of the violation of the State Bylaws, the annual election of Officers for the LPCCC needs to be overturned.


Because the County Executive Committee failed to notify the Members (or, in this case, “all of the members”), they have failed to hold elections in accordance with the bylaws and the State Executive Committee should declare that the Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County is currently inactive.


Bylaw 9: County Organization, Section 6, states: “A county organization is deemed as having selected its officers only if an election notice has been mailed to its members at least thirty but no more than sixty days in advance of that election.”  I urge the Bylaws Committee to modify this statement to specify that the notice must be sent to each and every Member of the County Central Committee, and to require that the notification must be sent by the US Mail.  The rationale here is that the US Mail is the only consistent minimum standard for communication; although it is prevalent, not everyone has e-mail or internet.


Sincerely, Kurt A. Schultz, Chairman of the LPCCC Bylaws Committee


Addendum of 3/10/2023: 


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