Deterioration of the LPCCC


Since that Convention, the Libertarian Party of Contra Costs County has devolved.  It appears that several of us that are affiliated with Contra Costa County and Members in good standing with the State LP (and have been for many years, and with at least one being a Life Member) are no longer informed of official meetings – we have been effectively excommunicated from the LPCCC, in that we no longer receive communications from the County Central Committee or from the Executive Committee.  It seems that Adrian has created a group of “insiders”, a group where you need to ‘opt-in’ in order to become an “active member” of the LPCCC before your rights as a Member of the California LP are respected.  This is a violation of the State Bylaws which specify who can be a Member of the County Central Committee and what rights that accords them.  In addition, the current LPCCC has failed to notify us of our annual meeting for 2023, effectively dis-enfranchising us from our ability to vote for our preferred LPCCC officers.  These actions should outrage every Member of the LP.


It also appears that the LPCCC has failed to pay its bills.  The former Chair, Kevin Moore, remains un-reimbursed for the party expenses he paid for out of his own pocket more than a year ago.  This is an example of the LPCCC Executive Committee failing to conduct business in an orderly and efficient manner (which is required under RONR).


These examples show that Adrian F. Malagon is inept and incompetent.  As he has climbed higher in the Libertarian Party, he has left a path of devastation behind him.  His actions have shown that he is not a “libertarian” and are just cause for him to be expelled and permanently banned from the Party.


Please vote to remove Adrian F. Malagon from office and from the Libertarian Party.


Sincerely, Kurt A. Schultz, Chairman of the LPCCC Bylaws Committee