To those on the Judicial Committee of the California State Libertarian Party:


After a careful review of my e-mail archives, I have found that the last County Central Committee-level e-mail sent to me from Adrian Malagon was on March 24, 2022.


In that e-mail, he refused to admit that the statements Iíd made were correct, he didnít admit that he was wrong and he just blew it off as being unimportant.


There have been no official communications from any member of the Contra Costa County Executive Committee since then.  I have not been informed of any of the 2022 business meetings, nor have I been notified of the 2023 Annual Meeting (for the election of our county officers).


The only information I have received has been notices from the LP CA state organization, some of which have apparently been authored by Adrian.


I am willing to testify to this under oath.






Kurt Schultz

Bylaws Committee Chairman

Contra Costa County Libertarian Party