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1839 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite 164, Walnut Creek, CA 94598 | ccclp@ca.lp.org


Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting Purpose:

A meeting to conduct business for the Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County (LPCCC).

Date & Time:

Monday, August 15, 2022 at 7:00PM.


Virtual Meeting via Zoom (Notice Given via Email/Online).

Executive Committee Members:

Mr. Adrian F Malagon (Chair)

Ms. Alexandria Hatch (Vice Chair)

Ms. Meredith Hays (Secretary)

Mr. Roberto Nuńez (Treasurer).


Mr. Stephan Ginochio

Ms. Susan Ginochio

Ms. Deborah Brandon.

Agenda (As Submitted by the Chair)

Call to Order

Roll Call (5 minutes)

Adoption of the Agenda (5 minutes)

Public Comment (10 minutes)

Reports of the Party Officers (25 minutes)

   Chair’s Report (10 minutes)

   Vice Chair’s Report (5 minutes)

   Secretary’s Report (5 minutes)

   Treasurer’s Report (5 minutes)

Motion to Reimburse (10 minutes)

   Motion to reimburse Ms. Alex Hatch for expenses incurred with the new LPCCC post box.

New Website (5 minutes)

   Discussion: Using Nation Builder and Mr. Theodore Gercken’s services.

Libertarian Party of California (20 minutes)

   Discussion: ExCom Meeting in Santa Nella

   Discussion: Committee Openings (Awards & Credentials)

   Discussion: Convention [link expired] February 17 - 19, 2023

Social Meet and Greet (5 minutes)

   Discussion: Next social is at Four Legs Brewing, 2010 Elkins Way, Suite 120, Brentwood, CA 94513 and Brentwood Craft Beer & Cider afterward depending on how far into the evening we go.

   Discussion: Next social location and potential dates.

Scheduling of next Quarterly Business Meeting (5 Minutes)


Call to Order & Roll Call (5 Minutes)

Mr. Malagon, called the meeting to order at 7:04pm.

Ms. Hays called the roll. All 4 officers were present, constituting quorum.

Adoption of the Agenda (5 Minutes)

Motion—Mr. Malagon moved to adopt the agenda, seconded by Ms. Hatch. Mr. Malagon asked if there were any objections. Hearing none, the agenda was adopted.

Public Comment (10 Minutes)

Mr. Malagon opened the meeting up for public comment for anyone who wished to give any.

Ms. Brandon introduced herself. She informed the Party that was running for her third term on the John Swett Unified School District Board in Crockett, CA.

Ms. Ginochio introduced herself.

No one else wished to make public comment. Mr. Malagon ended public comment early without objection.

Reports of the Party Officers (25 Minutes)

Chair’s Report: Mr. Malagon provided an oral report on the following topics and fielded questions:

The changes in his ExCom position within the LPCA.

The membership status of the LPCCC Central Committee Members, which was sent to the Secretary.

His representation of the Party at the CA State Fair in Sacramento with the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Fresno County, Dr. Kathryn McElroy.

Mr. Malagon made a new Google group for the LPCCC. The Google Group: LPCCC@googlegroup.com [sic] is for current, active members in good standing. Approximately 20 members joined thus far.

Vice Chair’s Report:

Ms. Hatch provided an oral report on the following topics and fielded questions: She got the new P.O. Box for the Party. The account is with the Postal Annex on Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek, #164. (It is the “Libertarian Party of CCC” in their system because the name was too long.) Due to a price hike, the Party was forced to go slightly over budget (initially, it was supposed to be $200 and ended up being $260), but ended up getting a medium box for price of the small box, and a key for free (which is usually $25). The address is:

Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County

1839 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite 164

Walnut Creek, CA 94598.

Only 1 key was issued, but all officers have access during business hours (provided they show identification). The key is needed to collect the mail after-hours.

Secretary’s Report:

Ms. Hays provided an oral report on the following topics and fielded questions:

Ms. Hays discussed the current membership numbers. There are approximately 131 members of the LPCCC, 76 of which are lapsed memberships, and 40 of which are active memberships.

Treasurer’s Report:

Mr. Nuńez provided an oral report on the following topics and fielded questions: Mr. Nuńez reported that the account balance is the same as it has been ($1,977.37). The Party has a checkbook, but no card.

Motion to Reimburse (10 Minutes)

Motion—Mr. Malagon moved to reimburse Ms. Hatch for the $260 expense incurred for the new LPCCC post box, seconded by Ms. Hays.

The motion passed unanimously on a 4-0-0-0 vote (Aye - Nay - Expressed Abstention - Not Voting).

- Aye: Ms. Hatch, Ms. Hays, Mr. Nunez, Mr. Malagon.

- Nay: None.

- Expressed Abstention: None.

- Not Voting: None.

New Website (5 Minutes)

Mr. Malagon has been working with Mr. Theodore Gercken on the new LPCCC website. We are using NationBuilder, which is what Alameda County uses. It will have a cost, which will be approximately $20-$25 a month, but will be much more professional looking, and link to our social media accounts.

Libertarian Party of California (20 Minutes)

ExCom Meeting in Santa Nella:

The next ExCom meeting is in-person in Santa Nella, CA on September 24, 2022 at Hotel Mission De Oro. The meeting will go from 10:00AM to 5:00PM. A fundraiser will happen in the evening. Mr. Malagon took an informal poll, and asked if charging $100 per person to see Jeff Hewitt, Wendy Hewitt, and Kalish Morrow speak and have dinner was something the present members would be willing to do. The unanimous response was “no.”

Committee Openings (Awards & Credentials):

The aforementioned meeting involves filling the remaining committee positions, which are the Awards Committee and Credentials Committee (5 spots are open for each). Anyone wishing to be a part of either committee, can email the LPCA ExCom, or email Mr. Malagon directly and he will forward their desire to serve to the ExCom. There is also an application online.


Information is on the LPCA website. It will be taking place in Sacramento at the Double Tree Hilton on President’s Day Weekend (February 17 – 19, 2023).

Social Meet & Greet (5 Minutes)

Next Scheduled Social:

Taking place on August 26, 2022 at “Four Legs Brewery,” which is located at 2010 Elkins Way, Suite 120, Brentwood, CA 94513 starting at 6:00PM. It may move to “Brentwood Craft Beer & Cider” afterward depending on how far into the evening it goes.

Scheduling of Next Social:

Locations for the next social were discussed. Ms. Hatch proposed Friday, September 9, 2022 at “Twisted Times” in Walnut Creek at 6:00PM. There were no objections.

Scheduling of Next Quarterly Business Meeting (5 Minutes)

Motion—Ms. Hays moved to have the next Quarterly Business Meeting on Monday, October 24, 2022 at 7:00PM, seconded by Mr. Malagon. Mr. Malagon asked if there were any objections. Hearing none, the meeting was scheduled.


Mr. Malagon adjourned the meeting at 8:04PM without objection.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ms. Meredith Hays

Secretary, Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County



Editorial Notes:

1)      It appears that there were no Members (other than the ExCom) at this meeting.

2)      Chair’s report lists items that were discussed, but only gives the synopsis, nothing related to the substance of the discussions.

3)      The Chair’s Report included something about the Status of the LPCCC Central Committee Members being sent to the Secretary – which Secretary, the LPCCC or the CA.LP?  It is apparent in the CA.LP bylaws that the CA.LP is supposed to send the LPCCC’s Secretary the current list of Members every month, and the LPCCC has no authority to modify a Member’s status.

4)      The Chair has the authority to make a new Google Group, and to use that as a communications medium for sending notifications to the Members of the LPCCC.  The problem is that it is not allowed to be an “opt-in” group – it is required to be the entire list of Members that the CA.LP provides to the LPCCC each month.  Anything less excommunicates Members, which leads to disenfranchisement.


Respectfully submitted,

Kurt Schultz

Chairman of the CCCLP Bylaws Committee