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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Purpose:

A meeting for the newly elected Executive Committee to discuss the new direction of the Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County (LPCCC).

Date & Time:

Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 7:15PM.


Virtual Meeting via Zoom (Notice Given via Email).

Executive Committee Members:

Mr. Adrian F Malagon (Chair)

Ms. Alexandria Hatch (Vice Chair)

Ms. Meredith Hays (Secretary)

Mr. Roberto Nuñez (Treasurer).


Agenda (As Submitted by the Chair)

Call to Order

Roll Call

Open Discussion (General Questions/Comments/Concerns)

Adoption of the Agenda

Discussion of Meetings

  Running of Meetings

  Use of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR)

  In-Person vs Zoom

  ExCom Meetings vs Business Meetings vs Advocacy Meetings vs Socials



New Post Office Box

New Bylaws Proposal

New Website


  New G-Drive

  New Gmail Group

  Individual Email Accounts 

Social Media Accounts



Call to Order & Roll Call

Mr. Malagon called the meeting to order at 7:19PM.

Ms. Hays called the roll. All 4 officers were present, constituting quorum.

Open Discussion

Open discussion took place.

Adoption of the Agenda

Motion—Mr. Malagon moved to adopt the agenda, seconded by Ms. Hatch. Mr. Malagon asked if there were any objections. Hearing none, the agenda was adopted.

Discussion of Meetings

Mr. Malagon explained how he would like to run meetings moving forward: ExCom Meetings will be virtual and called as necessary, Business Meetings will be virtual and take place quarterly, Advocacy Meetings will take place as necessary, Socials will be in person and monthly.

RONR will be used and enforced for ExCom and Business Meetings.

The ExCom will have a private group chat to communicate as necessary.

New Post Office Box

Several options were discussed. Ms. Hatch will do some research and report back to the rest of the ExCom with some options.

New Bylaws Proposal

Mr. Malagon fielded questions on his new Bylaws proposal which was presented at the Annual Meeting.

New Website

Mr. Theodore Gercken from the Libertarian Party of Alameda County will work with Mr. Malagon to create the new Party website through Nationbuilder.

There will be a monthly cost.

The plan is to have it pay for itself over time with tiered donations. (Each tier could be named after renowned Libertarian philosophers.)


Mr. Malagon plans to create a new G-Drive for County Central Committee Members to access Agendas and Meeting Minutes. Folders with sensitive information will only be available to the ExCom.

Mr. Malagon plans to create an email group to send official correspondence.

Mr. Malagon plans on looking into possibly creating an ExCom email group for transparency.

Social Media Accounts

Mr. Malagon asked all ExCom members to log into all of the Party’s social media accounts and assist with keeping the accounts running and current.

Ms. Hatch will reach out to TopLobsta for new Party graphics.


Mr. Malagon adjourned the meeting at 8:19PM without objection.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ms. Meredith Hays

Secretary, Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County


Editorial Notes:

1)     At the date and time of this meeting, Adrian still did not have (according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised) the authority to propose changes to the CCCLP’s Constitution and Bylaws.  When he claimed that power, he was exceeding his authority.  The matter was still being actively handled by the duly-appointed Bylaws Committee; as a result, the permission for any CCCLP Member to propose amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws was superseded by, and subordinate to, the authority of the Bylaws Committee.  When I officially notified Adrian that his actions were in violation of RONR, he justified his actions with claims that turned out to be false.  As a result, Adrian’s claims that the County Central Committee had a new set of Bylaws was a fraud that he perpetrated against not only the County Central Committee, but because they were reported to the California State LP as being the “official” bylaws, he perpetrated fraud against the state LP as well.  This is a clear violation of the Non-Agression Principle, and grounds for expulsion from the Party.

2)     As a result of his failure to appropriately implement amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, his implementation of virtual meetings for the purpose of conducting Business fails to comply with the guidelines set in RONR.  Adrian was present, as Vice-Chair, of the meeting on January 30, 2022, when the Parliamentarian informed the Chair of this restriction under RONR, so Adrian acted this way willfully, and not by accident.

3)     The costs associated with the new website will need to be born by the CCC even if there are inadequate donations.  This approach to paying for the web site is wishful thinking.

4)     There already is a Google Drive available for use of the ExCom and the Members.  It covers more than the Agendas and Minutes.

5)     I would like to believe that there is no information that is so sensitive it should only be known by the ExCom.  That such a communications channel should be considered, let alone established, is indicative of authoritarian paranoia.

6)     The creation of a new distribution list (via Google Groups) was in fact a pointed failure, and, due to the manner in which it was implemented, it led to violations of the State LP’s bylaws.  Those violations are sufficient to cause the CCCLP to be declared “inactive”.

7)     RONR is quite clear that a Member or Officer of an organization can get into trouble if they refer to others in the organization by name (instead of by title), while addressing the body.  The Secretary repeatedly refers to “Mr. Malagon” when she is supposed to be referring to “the Chair”; there were other violations of this same principal as well.  These actions are sufficient cause for the Secretary to be officially removed from a meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Kurt Schultz

Chairman of the CCCLP Bylaws Committee