Wed 3/8/2023 4:04 PM

Sandra Kallander

Request for Judicial Committee Hearing - LPCCC 2023 Annual Meeting and Election - Sandra Kallander

To:          JC@CA.LP.ORG

Cc:;;; Elizabeth Stockholm <>;; 'Richard Fast'


Dear Committee,


Please consider the attached documents.  There should be my cover request of four pages (.pdf), and four exhibits (e-mails).  Exhibit 1 has 6 attachments, 5 in pdf form.  There was one graphic image that is irrelevant.


I am available for questions, if any.


Please note that by coincidence, I received my first communication in 12 months from the LPCCC yesterday.  I did not go back and edit my document (dated yesterday) which says that I haven't heard from LPCCC since last March, but simply added the communication as Exhibit 4, because it turned out to be very helpful.


I have copied several members, whose names were mentioned within, for their information.